List of Apps & Software

Developed Programs and Applications:

  1. GPS Navigator, a useful toolbox for Geo-Scientists for Android devices. This application is slightly different from other navigation applications and is designed for specialized use. This application is designed for mining engineers, geologists and geoscientists in general. Those interested in archeological and tourism activities can also use it. Accordingly, several facilities are embedded in it. The available facilities allow the user to easily use his smartphone to record the necessary items in geological fields and survey of land features. (Programming in Android Studio Native & Java)
  2. Design, Development and programming of SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Image Processing Software version 1.0.0. The SEM Image Processing Software is used as an accurate and practical tool in performing statistical studies of SEM images. With this software, all the steps of working on an image are done in the shortest time and with the highest possible accuracy. (Programming in Visual Basic .Net)
  3. SediLizer, an application that designed, developed and programmed for analyze and interpret of sediment samples with Folk and American standards - in National project for determining the origin and priority of controlling Aero-Soil production centers in Iran. (Programming in Visual Basic .Net)
  4. ESPAK, Estimation of Petrophysical Parameters by Kriging Method. This software can use to estimate the petrophysical parameters of petroleum reservoirs using Kriging method. All calculations are performed in MATLAB and in a vectorized syntax method. (Programming in MATLAB & Visual Basic .Net)
  5. The Color Atlas of Gemstones Application. This application contains a complete set of gemstone information and complies with the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) standard. This application is in the form of a full color atlas. (Programming in Android Studio Native & Java)
  6. Geo Time Chart Application. In this application, the geological time chart has been implemented as standard and in accordance with the International Chrono-Stratigraphic Chart. The information in the application is completely extracted from the International Commission on Stratigraphy as the main reference for stratigraphic information and is included in the application. (Programming in Android Studio Native & Java)
  7. Tehran Hamyar Gas syetem. This system is designed and programmed to record standardized information for the Tehran Gas Department. In this system, the experts of the Gas Department can complete and send online report of their visit from the infrastructure facilities of the Tehran Gas Departmen. Also, citizens of Tehran can report incidents related to the infrastructure of the gas department anywhere in the city in an instant and help the crisis management a lot. This system has 2 parts, one part is the Android application related to sending information to Tehran Gas Office and the other part is related to the control panel of the system management. (Programming in Android Studio Native, Java, PHP and Microsoft Visual Basic .Net)
  8. Conference management and information application, This application with the appropriate facilities at its disposal can be used to hold conferences with the best quality. After installation and activation, the audience of the conference can use various facilities at the time of admission (receiving conference notifications, news, survey, map, lunch, reception, attending meetings, workshops, etc.) according to the type of use. This application was used in the 38th GSI International Conference on Earth Sciences and also in the IRANGMEX International Conference in GSI. (Programming in Android Studio Native & Java)
  9. Rahro Application. This application has features such as compass, router, Buddy finder, Sunrise and Sunset time table. In the Buddy finder tool, the user is able to easily find another user (who lost maybe in the mountains and nature, when natural disasters occur and not knowing the exact location of people, etc.) on the map in two ways, move straight towards him or request to move towards him. This application can work well in places where only access to mobile network and SMS is provided and there is no need to internet connection. . (Programming in Android Studio Native & Java)
  10. SedimentLog Application (Programming in Android Studio Native & Java)
  11. LatLong to UTM (Programming in Visul Basic .Net)

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